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Our Learning Commons Library is so much more than books.......

Our learning commons is a space that goes beyond books.  Our space accomodates approximately 60 students and it is used for a wide range of things such as presentations, school council meetings and more.  We offer our space to students throughout the school day to gather, research, complete assignments and read.

Our space is also mobile.  Movable shelving allows us to increase the size to accomodate the space for our schools learning needs. 

Our learning commons is a part of the SPERD Virtual Learning Commons. Our students across the Division can connect to www.sperdlearningcommons.ca website - a virtual learning portal - and have access to all the reference sites 24/7.  This website offers students grade and subject level links to enhance their journey into explanding their knowledge of the world around them and past events that have created the world they live in.  This site can be accessed thorough our learning commons home page on this site. 

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Check our shelves by clicking on the Library World OPAC icon at the left to start your next reading adventure.

** If required type thms library and leave the password blank.



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Research & Study

It's time to get that homework done. What are you searching for?

Click on your grade level to link to our SPERD Library Learning Commons - your virtual learning portal.  

You will find what you need to study for English, Social, Science and Math.

Stressed out? Check out our Health links,Practice Tests and more at the SPERD Library Learning Commons.