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Student Homework/Online Learning

All students accessing education through technology are subject to the Acceptable Technology Use Agreement and Computer User’s Code of Ethics signed during registration. This agreement continues to be in force while students continue their education at home.  Students who fail to act in accordance with the Agreement and Code of Ethics may be denied electronic access to education through SPERD. In such a case, educational materials will be provided on paper. It is the responsibility of parents and guardians to monitor student technology use outside of the school.

German Teachers

Peter Boschman

Abe Enns

Susie Knelsen

Anna Peters

Jacob Thiessen

Katharina Thiessen

Frank Enns

Career Counsellor

Deborah Mandrusiak

FSLW/Success Coach

Alysha Thompson

Chelsea Dadensky




Kathy Megley

Chelsey Thiessen


Grade 1

Caitlin Griep

Carlee Pona

Erin Siemers


Grade 2

Brittany Buryn

Susan Denman

Grade 3

Adam Cook

Kelsey Leroux

Elise Gilligan


Grade 4

Kenda Wasylciw

Barb Hymanyk

Grade 5

Rob  Doherty

Tracey Gonie

Amber Faganello

Grade 6

Aaron Petersen

Brittney Werstiuk/Laurie Taschuk

Grade 7

Steven Cheremshynski

Bill Orr


Grade 8

Jessica Hawkins

Cynthia Kruitbosch

Grade 9

Sandy Brietzke/Ashley Heyden

Grade 10-12

Kevin Rempel



Roxanne Pottle

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